“No Makeup Make-up Look” Beauty Hacks

We love to see fresh and natural-looking faces. It reveals more of your identity and embraces your uniqueness. They are on-trend since 2016. This trend gets better and better as beauty products continue to produce gorgeous palettes. .

So, how can we pull it off?

Check these beauty hacks that are doable, and easy to remember.

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Beauty Hack #1 – Amp up your Skin Routine

Hydrate or moisturize your skin, and again, moisturize your skin. This will help you ace your no-makeup makeup look. Even if you have oily skin, your skin needs the right amount of hydration. Choose the right moisturizer and other beauty products to highlight your beautiful skin. It is important to perform your skin routine and (if, and when, necessary) don’t forget your sunscreen.

Your goal is to achieve a dewy and glowing base for your subtle makeup.



Beauty Hack #2 – Ditch the Foundation

Restrain is the keyword for a minimalist look. Less is more, that is the name of the game. Instead of using your foundation, choose a primer, or a concealer. Use your clean fingers to tap in the areas of your skin that need to be evened out. Use it in your dark circles under your eyes, and on other blemishes. You can also use a small, flat brush and tap the targeted areas on your skin.

Your goal is to have a fresh and balanced complexion.





Beauty Hack #3 – Go for Creams

Lash Lovin You

As much as you can, use cream-based beauty products. These blend naturally compared to traditional powder. When you use cream base beauty products, it is easier to manage and creates a dewy effect. But, remember to be mindful as you apply these beauty products. If you already have a gorgeous flush on your skin, you don’t have to cover it up then put on a cream blush. Workaround your natural allure and highlight it. If you have oily skin, opt for powder blush and lightly tap it in your cheeks.

Instead of cream blush, you can use a cream bronzer during summer for a sun-kissed look. Also, put a cream highlighter or illuminator to high points on your face for a subtle glow.

Your goal is to add a hint of colours to your skin to liven up your skin while flexing your gorgeous colours.

 Beauty Hack #4 – Ditch the Pencil

You only need a good eyebrow gel to create a not-so-heavy brow for your minimal makeup look. To make your brows look polished and naturally kept, brush it up and outward. You can shape it to your best eyebrow look with a clean "spoolie" brush by swiping it through after you apply the brow gel.

Your goal is to apply a naturally polished look brow, not too heavy -  just right.


Beauty Hack #5 – Put that Tint


Instead of being pale, embrace your natural colours by putting on lip tint on your lips. Select a colour that is close or highlight your natural lip colour. Tinted lip balms can be your magic trick.

Your goal is to ditch the paleness and embrace a hint of colour on your lips.



Finally, match your no-makeup makeup look with LLY’s Barely There (Limited Edition) so you can nail it, babe. Head on to our website for a beauty hack that you cannot miss! Click here and check how to snag that FREE Liquid Liner Voucher.


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