Late Mornings? Try this 5 - minute getup makeup!

We all have those “rushed” days when we only have 5 minutes to do our make-up and we have to go, go, go! Those are the times when we wake up late and we have to rush to our meetings or workplace.

What do you do? Do you do your make-up in the car, or let the time fly and be glam than be late?

Let’s admit it, we don’t want to show up in the workplace late and haphazardly and look rushed without our make-up on.

We still want the look that is fresh and gorgeous without others noticing as we dash our way to the office. That is why you should check this 5-minute getup makeup list that we recommend to you, our lash babe!


 5 – Minutes Getup Makeup


1 – Minute Moisturize and Conceal

Moisturize your face before anything else. Then use a concealer for those unwanted marks on your face.

Beauty Hack:

Use a concealer stick for easy application. Use it below your eyes (make a v under your eye for those dark circles.), on the t-zone and on unwanted marks around your face. Then blend it by your fingers or beauty sponges.

1 - Minute Cream Blush

Use a cream blush to add depth and colour to your face. Use it on your cheeks and apply the leftover from your beauty sponge or fingers in these parts of your face:

  • a little on top of your temples
  • at the top of your nose
  • a bit on your eyelids

1 - Minute Lipstick

Use your favorite lippies and you can dab a little on your cheeks.

1 - Minute Brow Pen

Fix your eyebrow and make it look snappy with your favorite brow pen.

Beauty Hack:

 If you have well maintained eyebrows, opt for a brow brush. Use your hairspray and spray a small amount on your brow brush. Use it to set your brows in place.


Magnetic lashes can speed up your makeup routine to a mere 5 minutes and they brighten up your face. You don’t have to wait for glue to dry up, you just have to put it on. LLY lashes can help you to do that, even without mascara. You just have to use an applicator or your hands, snap the pieces on and voila! You are ready to go!

1 - Minute on point Lashes!

Well, babe, even if you wake up late you can still look glamorous with this 5-minutes getup makeup. And if you need long lasting, environment friendly, glue-free, vegan-friendly and non-damaging magnetic lashes, use LLY. Meet the XO Family at LLY. Click here and be gorgeous, babe!

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